• Navigate to Payroll 
  • Select Medical Aid 
  • Make sure that you select the employee that you want to setup the medical aid for is selected on the left hand side. 
  • Select the month you want to add the medical aid for and click on the drop down for the Type of medical aid in that month:

The Company medical aid will allow you to process:

  • You can process both or one of the above mentioned options.  The employee contribution will be deducted from the employee and decreases the nett pay and the company contribution will be processed as a company contribution and will be taken into account for your UIF and PAYE Calculation. 
  • The Private medical aid will allow you to process:
  • A medical aid ‘deduction’ – this deduction will not print on the payslip or show on the payslip, but it will allow the system to calculate the tax credit. 
  • After the Type of medical aid has been added you can add the number of beneficiaries.  This will include the main member.   
    So if you are the only member on your medical aid, you will add 1 as a beneficiary.  If you have yourself and 2 other beneficiaries on your medical aid then you will add 3 beneficiaries. 
  • Enter the amount based on your employee’s medical aid structure in the section that corresponds Type of medical aid that has been selected. 
  • Click on Save. 

The system will then populate the payslip based on the selections that was made and the tax credit will automatically be deducted from the PAYE if there is enough PAYE to allow it to do so.