With the start of a new year, every company looks at their current processes, applications and infrastructure to make sure that it is still relevant to suit their needs.  With the recent changes in data security, technology, mobility and the rising costs of IT, it makes sense that a lot of employers are considering a move to cloud-based platforms to meet their payroll needs.

Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of online payroll services makes it easier to decide if cloud migration is a step in the right direction for you and your business.  Beyond Payroll 365’s co-founder, Prevash Mungaroo, was asked to give a presentation on cloud migration from on premise payroll software at the 2023 Sage Partner event hosted at the Sky Hotel in Cape Town.  The below was thoughts that he shared with industry peers. 

Thank you to Sage accounting business partner, Ramon Naidoo from Ukhozi System Solutions for the photo.

Why consider a move to a cloud solution?

POPIA has required the employer to take a more disciplined approach in managing and protecting employee information. This means that the small business must start considering big business approaches with regards to data protection. With the adoption of cloud software you are ticking the above mentioned checkboxes without the additional costs along with added benefits such as: 

  • Data Security. 
  • Access from anywhere in the world. 
  • No wasted data space caused by system backups. 
  • Seamless legislative updates without having to download and install updates. 
  • No overhead costs associated with hardware or server maintenance. 
  • Adding additional users to the system is quick and easy and there is no physical hardware and network infrastructure requirements. 

Are there any drawbacks to going online?  

The biggest drawbacks to moving to an online payroll system is the online infrastructure.  The price and availability of internet is a still a big challenge for small companies or companies that are based in rural parts of South Africa. Even if an online system will meet the client’s needs, many clients will have to choose a desktop program since network coverage in their area is unreliable and sporadic 

Albeit rare, there is sometimes severe server outages that is outside of the software distributors control.  As there is no way to access your data during this time and no way of knowing how long the outage may be, it could lead to employees not being paid by the agreed contract time.

Should you get a business partner, like Beyond Payroll 365, to help you with the transition?  

The benefits of liaising with the team at Beyond Payroll 365 when starting your journey with a move to an online product is that they will be able to conduct a proper analysis of your specific business requirements and needs and will be able to prescribe the best online product to suit your needs.

We will also be able to provide hands on training to get you familiar with the new payroll program and make the transition period less stressful and complicated. 

The team at Beyond Payroll 365 is also adept at extracting the payroll information from different payroll programs and converting them to a usable format that reduces the risk of human error. 

Our final thoughts?  

2024 will be a good year to consider moving to an online system.  There are a few online systems that will be launched in this year that we are really excited about as well as some online systems that has been around for decades that offers innovative ways of doing Payroll.  With the launch of network providers in the last couple of years, the cost of internet is more manageable than ever and we think that now will be the time to transition.  Speak to your Beyond Payroll 365 consultant today and choose an online program that will best suit you and your business.